Hi! I’m an odd one if you will. I have been playing with computers since I was a kid, whether it was reading about computers, upgrading my computers or learning a new programming language, I am a geek. Quite frankly, I am proud of it. Growing up, I hid from the world and most of my adult life. Somewhere along the way, I started building my confidence and pushing my own boundaries and not giving a damn what other people thought of me. I have to be myself and love myself. I am working every day to find out who that self truly is. By doing so, I realized how much I can give back to my community by helping organizations and companies build their web presence and brand. If you need help with that sort of thing, reach out to this pink headed geeky girl.


Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. -Stephen Hawking


I like the color pink. (Trivia: My colors are “blush” and “bashful.”) I like coding. I like gaming. I like fostering kittens. I like hello kitty. I like Mac & PC. I like glitter. I like many things. What do you like?



It is a place to start. This weblog (aka blog) be part personal and part professional if there is such a thing? If you follow along on this journey, I can promise to be honest. Perhaps, I won’t be professional all the time, but who is entirely perfect. I want to challenge myself to learn …